Your life has a plot; your years have a theme. You can do something in a manner that no one else can. Every year is another chapter God fills with the plans He has written just for you. Connect with us and allow us to help you fulfill God’s plans for your life with prophetic insights and an appropriate word for the season.

I pray today is only the beginning of new joys and special blessings in your life.

Moving forward Elisha Missions is committed to building and connecting leaders like you to fulfill the Great Commission God has for you. Our primary mission is to help you strengthen the bond between families through Father Me Re-parenting programs which is aimed at nurturing parents to train their children in the ways of the Lord to be the leaders of tomorrow. Since its inception, we have conducted such workshops in the Philippines, India and Malaysia for pastors and leaders besides Singapore. We have seen dramatic changes in the lives of the people and families. Shepherding children is similar to shepherding God’s children in His family.

Rev Alicia Teo, Prophetic revivalist to the nations and founder of Elisha Missions has authored two books “Prophetic Profitable Prayer (PPP)”and “Healing Reactions”. These are now available at TCC Resource Centre.

We have run two Holy Spirit Retreats where Rev Alicia Teo is the speaker with her son Ps Darien Choo “Refreshing Fire ” and “Catch the Fire”. She is now a sought after speaker for such camps. Rev Alicia is a revivalist to the nations, bringing God’s prophetic word for the season and have been speaking at crusades, revival meetings and teachings on the Holy Spirit in Philippines,, India, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia (East & West), Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Other workshops she has conducted are “Resolving Profitable Anger” and “Victory over Rejection” and Cancer talks like “Conquering Breast Cancer” and “The New Spiritual Approach to conquering Colorectal Cancer”. The next talk will be “Fighting Lung Cancer”. She is also teaching in the School of the Holy Spirit in Singapore. She is now pioneering two churches – one in Singapore and the other in the Philippines.

Our next move is to help people start their office fellowships with the objective of influencing those they lead such as confronting behaviours and attitude of their teams without childish reactions and team leaderships.